Making of IvyHealth

The “Making of” IvyHealth is now available. Discover its best shots.

Intense days of filming. You will soon be able to enjoy the very well-made IvyHealth promotional videos thanks to film crew, Ikaika Media and the wonderful work of some excellent actors.

But first a preview with the “Making of”. The fact of the matter is our promotional videos are preceded by dozens of ideas, hundreds of takes which at first are given the go ahead only to be finally rejected. A lot of material is recorded before deciding on the final take.

And what is it you are going to see? Videos in which a lot of effort has been put, with stories of everyday life and familiar characters… and IvyHealth devices taking centre stage. Of course!

Here are some photos of this day, which will make you feel part of the launching process of our Brand. A “making of” that includes indoor as well as outdoor scenes, with sunsets, travelling shots, the city of Bilbao and the odd rehearsal.

Watch this blog because in the coming weeks we will be sharing more details on filming and reveal a very special leading character.

You’re dying to know, right?