Body Analysis Scale

  • Comprehensive tracking

    Download the IvyHealth App and keep track of 8 body values.
  • Bluetooth enabled

    Connect automatically to the app to easily see the full information.
  • Helpful graphics

    Easy-to-understand screens in the app make using it a breeze.
Technical Details
  • Reference

  • EAN

  • Dimensions

  • Values picked up by the application

    Weight Body Mass Index (BMI) Muscle mass Bone mass Body water percentage Visceral fat Body fat Basal
  • Other characteristics

    LED screen and “low battery” indicator Bluetooth Smart 4.0 connection and IvySync It works with 4 AAA batteries (not included) Automatic reset to “0” It displays body weight reading on the scale screen and the rest of the parameters on the mobile phone or Tablet via the IvyHealth app. Fitted with high precision pressure sensors
  • Can the scale be used without the IvyHealth app?

    Yes, the scale has its own screen and can be used without being connected as if it were a regular weight measuring scale. The rest of the values are only displayed if the IvyHealth app is switched on. Without the app, you will not be able to store the results in the cloud (IvyCloud) or add the result to your medical history in your phone’s application. You can also note your weight and add it later manually, but the rest of the values will not be available.
  • Can the scale be used without being connected to the internet?

    Yes, the scale works like a normal scale when there is no connection available
  • Can I share the scale with others?

    Yes, the scale allows for any number of users. In addition, the free IvyHealth app also allows different users to register, each with their own password, even when sharing the same smartphone. Just login with the particular person’s data.
  • Can I share my measurement records?

    Yes, unlike other brands, the IVSCB scale allows you to share specific measurements or complete records with whomever you would like.
  • How accurate is the scale?

    This body analysis scale complies with all the requisites of the European Union for this type of device, making it totally reliable. Its precision is +-5 mmHg. It is important for you to follow the instructions so that the readings reach this degree of precision.

The Ivy Health Body Analysis Scale uses high precision sensors to provide accurate measurements of your:

  • Current weight
  • Body mass index
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Body water percentage
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Total body fat
  • Visceral fat (fat that is stored in the abdomen)

These measurements provide an important snapshot into the state of your current health. Disease prevention and good health are not a function purely of overall weight but rather of maintaining a healthy lean body mass.

Regular use of the body analysis scale gives you the ability to monitor more than just day to day weight fluctuations. It provides a wealth of information about the condition of your body. Easily synced up with your mobile device, information is uploaded from the scale to the Ivy Health app, allowing you to not only collect vital data regarding your body composition, but the ability to store this information for the purpose of establishing trends. Even more useful is the fact that you can share this invaluable data with your healthcare provider or health professional.