Which blood pressure monitor would your doctor recommend?

Which blood pressure monitor would your doctor recommend?

Approximately a third of Americans suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you’re at risk for developing serious health problems including heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and retinopathy.

A treatment plan for lowering your blood pressure levels can include dietary, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. In many cases, these changes won’t be enough to significantly reduce your numbers, so your doctor will prescribe medication as well.

Being able to monitor your blood pressure from home is critical to lowering your risk of developing hypertension-related health issues. In fact, many doctors recommend that their patients with hypertension check their blood pressure from home on a daily basis. Daily monitoring can give you and your doctor an better idea as to the efficacy of your treatment plan. Changes to medications and/or dosages can be be made if and when necessary to help keep your BP at a healthy level.

So, the next question should be what is the best blood pressure monitor? In most cases, a doctor recommended blood pressure monitor would be one that is accurate as well as convenient and easy to use in order to guarantee that you’re consistently monitoring you BP levels on a daily basis. Smart monitors not only allow you to measure your blood pressure, but you can record your readings on your smartphone which allows you to see changes and/or trends in your numbers over real time.

When making comparisons between arm monitors and wrist monitor, many doctors will recommend using an arm monitor for a more accurate reading. However, many people cannot measure their blood pressure at the upper arm due to the size of their arm, they find the arm measurements to be painful, or it’s more difficult for them to use that style of device. Therefore, a wrist monitor is a good option.

The one that allows them to see your stats

Whatever doctor recommended blood pressure monitor you choose, it’s important to find one that makes it possible for you to share blood pressure information with you doctor. The Ivy Health wireless wrist blood pressure monitor works together with our free app to allow you to track levels over time, store them in the cloud, and easily share the data with your doctor.

Being able to share BP data with your doctor gives him or her the ability to identify warning signs that your current treatment plan is not as a effective as it should be so that necessary changes can be made.

Better data = better healthcare

The best defense against developing hypertension is prevention. Armed with the blood pressure data that you get from using Ivy Health Lab’s smart blood pressure monitor for your wrist and sharing this information with your doctor, you can work together as a team to optimize your healthcare program and to improve the overall quality of your health.