Five ways to improve your body water percentage

Five ways to improve your body water percentage

It’s not possible to lose or gain muscle or fat overnight. Daily fluctuations in your weight are indicators that something else is occurring in your body that is resulting in sudden decreases or increases in your weight. The most likely explanation is that your body is retaining more or less water.

Water is the main component of our bodies. Most of your weight comes from the water in your body and is referred to as your “body water percentage”. This figure can vary based on factors such as your age, gender, and body structure.

However, there are times when your body water percentage is too high because you’re retaining water. You feel bloated, swollen, and your clothes feel too tight and uncomfortable. There are five important techniques that you can use to improve your body water percentage:

  • Drink water – drinking more water encourages your body to release the excess fluid
  • Use herbs – cranberry and lemon juice, dandelion root all help to eliminate water retention
  • Exercise regularly
  • Lower your sugar and salt intake
  • Eat the right foods – foods that are high in protein, amino acids, and potassium all help to naturally reduce water retention

Monitoring your improvement

Ivy Health Labs has created smart devices which make it possible for you to take a more active role in monitoring your own health. Our devices are portable, user friendly, and designed to record data that provides you with a more detailed picture of your overall health.

The Ivy Health body analysis scale uses high precision sensors to provide you with accurate measurements of body water percentage and seven other pieces of data about the condition of your body. Using the body analysis scale not only allows you to monitor day to day weight fluctuations, but also helps you to recognize trends or patterns in your weight fluctuations. This data could be a valuable tool towards improving your body weight percentage and maintaining a consistent total body water percentage for healthy living.

Optimizing your health

Improving your body water percentage is just one of the ways that you can work to improve your health. Using the smart technology developed by Ivy Health Labs makes it possible for you to track and record key health indicators that provide a more accurate measurement of the current state of your health.

You’re able to share this information with your doctor so that you can work together as a team towards optimizing your health and becoming more proactive in preventing future health problems. At Ivy Health Labs our goal is to help you achieve more control over your own health.