How long does it take to lower blood pressure?

How long does it take to lower blood pressure?

You’ve just been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The questions you’re going to want to ask your doctor are how long does it take to lower blood pressure and what are the treatment options? The answers to both those questions vary depending upon how high your blood pressure is and any other additional health issues you may be experiencing.

The best way to avoid the negative health effects of high blood pressure is to follow the treatment plan that your doctor prescribes for you. This will more than likely involve making some lifestyle changes such as eating a well-balanced, low sodium diet and limiting your alcohol consumption. Engage in regular physical activity 3-4 times per week.

Your treatment plan may also involve the use of blood pressure medications. The type of medication your physician will prescribe will depend upon:

  • How high your blood pressure is
  • The cause of your increased blood pressure
  • How your body responds to drugs
  • Other health issues you’re currently experiencing

The response time for a treatment plan varies by person. Some people have found that their blood pressure begins dropping immediately – within 3 days or so. However, many individuals see positive results in their numbers after several weeks.

Don’t stop there

There are a lot of different medications that your physician can prescribe to treat your high blood pressure. Some blood pressure tablets don’t work immediately and may take several weeks to become therapeutic while other medications are fast-acting and are often the first medication prescribed if your blood pressure is higher than 180/120.

How much you can lower your blood pressure depends on how committed you are to adhering to your treatment plan. By making critical changes to your lifestyle and taking your medication(s) as prescribed by your physician, you can work to eliminate some of the causes of hypertension and maintain healthy BP numbers.

One way to ensure the success of your treatment plan is being able to monitor your BP on a daily basis from your home.

Watch your blood pressure drop

Being able to monitor your blood pressure from home is essential to measuring your improvement and for both you and your doctor to determine whether your treatment plan is working. Ivy Health Labs has designed smart blood pressure monitors that make it easy for you to measure and track your blood pressure at home as often as you choose.

Our wireless monitors work in conjunction with the free IvyHealth app so you can record and store your readings which will allow to see how long it takes to lower your blood pressure to within a normal range. Additionally, you can share your data with your doctor so that he or she can make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

Making lifestyle changes, taking medicine, and scheduling regular doctor visits is a great plan for getting your blood pressure back under control.