Can you store your own medical records?

Can you store your own medical records?

The trends are changing regarding the way doctors typically practice medicine. Many insurance companies require doctors to maintain a certain number of people on their patient rolls as well as set quotas in terms of the average number of patients they see per day. In addition, the population is growing more quickly than medical schools can churn out out new physicians to treat them. The end result is busier doctors and shorter appointment times. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to take a proactive approach to your own health.

One of the best ways to advocate for yourself is to keep track of your own medical records. Whether you’re seeing a doctor for the first time or trying to fit everything into your allotted 7-15 minute appointment, providing him or her with value diagnostic data like blood pressure readings saves valuable time. And, tracking key body metrics such as weight and body mass index or bmi, gives your doctor critical information about your overall health.

Using the Ivy Health Labs app, you can store your own medical records to the Ivy Health Cloud and allow access to any of your physicians.

We help make it easy

Ivy Health Labs offers smart health devices that allow you to measure and compile key biometric data in your own home. The smart scale measures vital statistics such as overall weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass (bmi), abdominal fat percentage, and more. Easily linked to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth, these measurements are instantly recorded and compiled to you account.

Another very important indicator as to the condition of your health is blood pressure. Using the portable wrist or arm blood pressure device, you can take weekly, daily, or even hourly measurements of your blood pressure. Like the smart scale, the blood pressure monitor records the data directly to your smart device where it is arranged into easy-to-read, graphic form.

The ability to share this information directly with your doctor gives he or she tools through which to evaluate the current state of your health and assess any potential warning signs.

Here’s what you need to do

The Ivy Health Lab smart devices along with the free app were designed to empower you to manage your own medical records. Moving to a new city or seeing a specialist for the first time doesn’t mean you have to start from ground zero. With the wrist monitor, arm monitor, and smart scale, you can provide an excellent snapshot of your current health history at your very first appointment.