Tracking your body fat with an app

Tracking your body fat with an app

Body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass. Simply speaking, your body fat percentage is a measure or comparision of your body fat vs your overall weight. By tracking your body fat data, you can monitor the progress you’re making in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

Weight loss has become synonymous with losing fat. But, when you are trying to lose weight, you want to lose as much fat as possible while keeping or gaining lean muscle mass. The problem is that muscle tissue differs in density vs fat. Muscle is approximately 18% more dense than fat. As you add dense, more compact muscle mass to your body, your weight may actually increase.

This can become frustrating when you step on the scale and find that you’ve gained weight instead of losing it! But, having more lean muscle mass helps to boost your metabolic efficiency, enhance your strength, stability, mobility, and balance which are all important as you age.

So, a more practical goal would be to work towards lowering your body fat percentage vs. losing overall weight. Being able to track your body fat with a smart body analysis scale can provide you with a clear picture of your health and fitness and help you to determine more realistic goals towards achieving a healthier, more fit body.

Measure your improvement over time

For many people whose set goals for getting healthy and more fit or athletes training for a marathon, for example, measuring body fat is a great way to keep track of the effectiveness of a fitness and/or training regimen and any nutritional changes that have been made. Smart scales are a very useful tool which allow you to track your progress and re-shape your fitness and weight loss goals as needed.

The smartest scale would provide you with excellent features that let you track more than just your weight. Ivy Health Labs Body Analysis scale not only lets you keep track of your current weight and total body fat, but also six other important measurements that can provide you with important data about the current state of your health.

Continue on your journey

The Ivy Health app works with all of our medical devices, including the body analysis scale, and provides you with the ability to keep track of vital health indicators such as your current weight, total body fat, and muscle mass in real time.

You can track your body fat over time with our app and securely store the data in the IvyCloud which can be viewed and shared from any location with internet access. The data is in a graphic form which makes it easy to share with your doctor so that, working together as a team, you can take a more positive role in your overall health and wellness.