Track your personal health stats

Track your personal health stats

According to a 2013 study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, approximately 69% of adults in the U.S are tracking key health data such as weight, diet, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, or sleep patterns. A majority of the survey’s respondents said that being able to track personal health stats gave them more control over their own health.

Over the years, advances in technology have led to the development of devices that have become more and more popular for tracking a variety of personal health stats. Smart health devices and mobile health apps have made it possible for people to take a more active role in their own healthcare and to make lifestyle changes that improve overall health.

Not only can smart health devices provide you with useful information about a variety of important health factors such as weight, blood pressure, BMI, body water percentage, and total body fat, they allow you to share this data with your doctor so that, working as a team, you can stay on top of any existing health problems, work to prevent new issues from happening, and support and maintain a healthy you.

Using the smartest smart app

Ivy Health Labs has designed smart health devices that provide you with the means for tracking personal health stats over time. Our smart health app, when used in conjunction with Ivy Health’s portable devices, allows you to collect data, monitor any existing medical conditions, and share this information with your physician. The collected data is compiled and stored securely in the IvyCloud which can be viewed as well as shared from any location that has internet access.

While you doctor has complete medical records regarding your health history, being able to collect and store data yourself provides you with the means to share this information with new physicians as well as having the data available should an emergency occur while you’re away from home.

Combined with smart health devices

Ivy Health Labs has created a line of portable, easy-to-use smart health devices which make it very convenient when it comes to tracking health stats and monitoring your health from home. Our wireless wrist and arm blood pressure monitors are wearables that work with the free Ivy Health app so that you can record BP readings on your smartphone or other mobile device, see changes in your numbers over real time, and share this information with your doctor to determine if your treatment plan is working for you.

The Ivy Health body analysis smart scale measures and records eight variable pieces of data with respect to your body composition, including bone/muscle mass, total body and visceral fat, BMI, body water percentage, BMR, and current weight. The auto sync function of our app instantly sends your data to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

Ivy Health smart devices, together with our free app, make it possible for you to take a more proactive role in your own healthcare.