What is “The Watson Formula?”

What is “The Watson Formula?”

Body water is the total amount of fluid found in your body. At least 50% of your body should be made up of water. This is referred to as your total body water percentage, and it is an important measure of your total health. The human body uses water in cells, tissues, and organs to help regulate temperature, digest food, eliminate waste products, lubricate joints, and to provide an environment in which the numerous biochemical reactions that support and maintain life can occur.

Drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables which are naturally high in water, helps to ensure that you are well-hydrated and staying within the healthy range for body water percentage.

One method used to calculate total body water percentage is the Watson Formula.

The information you need

The Watson Formula for calculating body water percentage determines the volume of body water (V) based upon gender, weight, height, age, and diabetic status:

For men: V = 2.447 + 0.3362 x weight (kg) + 0.1074 x height (cm) – 0.09516 x age

For women: V = -2.097 + 0.2466 x weight (kg) + 0.1069 x height (cm)

Body water measurement results are affected by the ratio of body fat to muscle. In general, women have a lower body water percentage when compared to men due to the fact that women have more fat tissue vs. muscle tissue. Body fat contains only 10% water whereas muscle tissue is approximately 75% water.

Calculating your body water percentage

Being able to measure you body water percentage is important to supporting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ideal body water percentages in men should range from 50% to 60% whereas in women the ideal percentages should range from 45% to 60%. Athletes will have a higher body water percentage due to the fact that they have more muscle tissue in their bodies which has a higher water content.

Ivy Health Labs Body Analysis Scale makes use of high precision sensors that provide accurate measurements of your body water percentage as well as other vital data regarding your body composition. Regular use of our body analysis scale provides you with the ability to monitor day to day fluctuations in your body water percentage as well as any trends that may help you to reach your goal of maintaining an ideal body water percentage.

Calculating your body water percentage using the Watson Formula on a daily basis can be a cumbersome process. With the smart technology developed by Ivy Health, it’s easy to get an accurate measurement of body water percentage and other vital body composition data, providing you with a daily snapshot of your current health state. You can share the data with your physician so together, as a team, you can work to improve your health and prevent problems in the future.